Our Story

We are Kat & Asa, a husband-and-wife team of artists from Chicago who are grateful for the opportunities to imagine and create together.

To put it complexly…we love that we’re doing what we love with the person we love most. Yep…lots of love over here.

**Update** We’ve extended our family!! Meet the new kid on the block, Jesse O.

  • Kat


    Katherine, Kat, Kitty, DaNawteeKat has loved art for as long as she can recall. She ascribes her best memories to those of her creating...whether it was sketching, designing, or making costumes for her kid brother. On Kat's personal blog, her first entry explains two reasons why she picked up the camera on July 20, 2010 and began Project365: "1. I’ve always felt drawn to moments—now I’d like to learn and capture them. 2. I have the memory-span of a goldfish, (pathetic—I know) What better way to help me remember?" An avid learner and lover of people, she hopes to absorb all that she can about photography to bring emotive and nostalgic stills.

  • Asa


    "I want people to view the world through my eyes." Asa highly credits his love for videography to his childhood. Being the eldest of seven, he always had someone to play with and bounce his ideas off of. He and his brothers, A.J., Aaron, and Andrew made it a daily routine to play with their toy wrestlers (or "action figurines" as he prefers to call them). Unlike most children, whose favorite pastime may have been watching television or playing video games, he opted for creating his own narratives. Asa (by default) was dubbed the task of fabricating the daily adventures these toy men would partake in. That constant jolt to the imagination has remained with him til this very day. As if by nature, he finds himself viewing the world through a cinematic perspective. His ultimate goal with videography is to position himself to visually impact the world. Sounds like a hefty dream, but no dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big right?

  • Jesse

    Studio Manager

    Jesse (@JahzelMusic) is a multitasking creative wizard. Undoubtedly the Brain to our little Pinkies 😉 When he's not creating quality music, we find him forged as a operations manager at DEI. His attention to detail is such an imperative asset to our team. We're lucky to have him on board!